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The Team

Southern Cape Game Breeders is a newly established Game Breeding study group. Established in 2016, the founder members are Lee Vergottini, BJ Schutte and Kobus Crous. All three founding members are based in the Mossel Bay area in the Southern Cape. Mossel Bay is renowned for having one of the most temperate climates in the world, as well as having beautiful scenery and awe-inspiring mountain ranges.

Our Mission

The successful breeding of rare game is relatively new in the Southern and Western Cape. The group, therefore, felt that it would be beneficial to form a group henceforth staying economically stable and being able to breed the best quality and genetics available.

Future Plans

Throughout the years we have learnt some very expensive lessons by breeding with animals that do not do well in this area, but we are currently very successful breeders of Buffalo, Sable Antelope, Golden Wildebeest, Kings Wildebeest, Bontebok, Black Impala, Saddleback Impala, Royal Impala, White, Black and Copper Springbuck as well as the endangered Mountain Zebra to name but a few.

Future plans include hosting our own auctions.